Queer Feminist Media Praxis

Issue #5

    • Steampunk Practices: Time, Tactility, and a Racial Politics of Touch
    • “Weird” Sex: Identity, Censorship, and China’s Women Sex Bloggers
    • An Introduction to The Affect Machine
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Publication & Its Discontents: Peer Review, Publishing, and the Politics of the Open

Issue #4

    • Feminist Journal Editing: Does This Job Include Benefits?
    • The Blind Shall See! The Question of Anonymity in Journal Peer Review
    • Watching the Detectives: Review’s Past and Present
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Feminist Science Fiction

Issue #3

    • Beyond the Cyborg Collective Book Review
    • Introduction: Feminist Science Fiction
    • Somatic Capitalism: Reproduction, Futurity, and Feminist Science Fiction
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Feminist Game Studies

Issue #2

    • On Not Becoming Gamers: Moving Beyond the Constructed Audience
    • Introduction: Feminist Game Studies
    • Collective Organizing, Individual Resistance, or Asshole Griefers? An Ethnographic Analysis of Women of Color In Xbox Live
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Conversations Across the Field

Issue #1

    • Confronting Toxic Gamer Culture: A Challenge for Feminist Game Studies Scholars
    • Queer Female of Color: The Highest Difficulty Setting There Is? Gaming Rhetoric as Gender Capital
    • Notes Towards a Feminist Futurist Manifesto
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