Anne Balsamo

Anne Balsamo is Dean of the School of Media Studies at the New School for Public Engagementis. Her recent book, Designing Culture: The Technological Imagination at Work (Duke, 2011) examines the relationship between culture and technological innovation, with a particular focus on the role of the humanities in cultural innovation. She is a cofounder of Onomy Labs, a Silicon Valley make-tank that designs cultural technologies. Her current area of research and design focuses on the emergent genre of new media called Public Interactives. In 2010 she received a National Endowment for the Humanities Digital Start-Up grant to build a tangible interface browser for the AIDS Memorial Quilt. With Alex Juhasz, she is co-director of the Distributed Online Open Course, FemTechNet:

Articles by Anne Balsamo

An Idea Whose Time is Here: FemTechNet – A Distributed Online Collaborative Course (DOCC)

November 11th, 2012