Regina N. Bradley

Dr. Regina N. Bradley researches contemporary African American culture. She writes about post-Civil Rights African American literature, the contemporary Black American South, pop culture, race and sound, and Hip Hop. Dr. Bradley is also the founder and host of Outkasted Conversations, a critically acclaimed dialogue series that explores the impact of hip hop duo Outkast on popular culture. She has published extensively on popular culture and race, including articles in Southern Literary Journal, Journal of Ethnic American Literature, Palimpsest, and Current Musicology. Known as Red Clay Scholar, a nod to her Georgia upbringing, Dr. Bradley’s work is featured at She can also be reached via Twitter: @redclayscholar.

Articles by Regina N. Bradley

A Look In Our Lives: Mary J. Blige’s My Life, The 4991 Series, and Black Women’s Narratives as Working Cultural Memories

January 4th, 2015