Jamie "Skye" Bianco

Jamie “Skye” Bianco (NYU) is a site-based digital media theorist and artist whose scholarship and work investigates ecologies of trash, toxicity, disaster, bodies and the extra-human agencies and affections produced by them. She remixes still images, sound, video, animation, and lyrical prose in multimodal performative, web-based, computational/algorithmic and installation formats. Her multimodal work appears in O-zone, Debates in Digital Humanities (Minnesota, 2012), The Affective Turn (Duke, 2007), Comparative Literature Studies, and was selected as a local artist for the 2013 Carnegie International exhibition/catalogue. She received a Ph.D. in women’s studies and English from the City University of New York.

Articles by Jamie "Skye" Bianco

Queer Urban Composites: Any City or ‘Bellona (After Samuel R. Delany)’

November 3rd, 2013