Mauro Carassai

Mauro Carassai (PhD in English, University of Florida; PhD in Comparative Literatures, University of Macerata (Italy); MA in American Literature and Culture, University of Leeds (UK)) was a Fulbright visiting student at Brown University in 2007-2008. His research combines literary theory, Ordinary Language Philosophy, and digital literatures within the larger frame of American literatures and American studies. His scholarly work has been published in journals such as Culture Machine, LEA Almanac (MIT Press), and Digital Humanities Quarterly. He was a 2010-11 HASTAC scholar and he is currently at work on a manuscript exploring problems, and perspective in configuring an Ordinary Digital Philosophy.

Articles by Mauro Carassai

Rule-guided Expression: Gender Dissent across Mediated Literary Works

November 1st, 2015