An Introduction to The Affect Machine

The Affect Machine is a project that explores what a commodification of social relations would entail, by creating scenarios where a trading company is merged with an online social network. It will do this through the detailed design of different parts of the “system”, from the interface design to family law, to social relations.

This is a work in progress – material here.

When you go to the project website, you will be able to take part in a theoretical background, lecture material, and a demo of the system design. The project will unfold further over the next years, and new material will be added to the website that explores different aspects of the system. At present viewers can click through the demo and theoretical materials.

Hansson, K. (2014) An introduction to The Affect Machine. Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology, No.5. doi:10.7264/N30G3HDH

This article has been openly peer reviewed at Ada Review.

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Karin Hansson

Karin Hansson is an artist, curator and a PhD student at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm and the Department of Computer & System Science at Stockholm University with artistic methodologies and participatory processes online as research focus. Hansson previously carried out a series of thematic art projects and exhibitions related to information society and changing conditions for democracy.

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An Introduction to The Affect Machine