Take the "Curating with a Click" quiz, and see if you can correctly identify what types of art the American online public does and doesn't want on its museum walls.

In 2013, the James A. Michener Art Museum asked 10,000 internet voters to choose their favorite works from a gallery of 125 images, a diverse selection from their eclectic permanent collection. The top twenty-five were displayed in the 2014 People's Choice exhibit at the museum in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, while the 100 artworks that didn't make the cut stayed in storage. The results were telling. New media had made museum visitors into curators, but what images did they choose to see and what did they choose to lock away?

Try your hand at spotting the difference between artworks that the voters loved and artworks that they hated.

For each of the twenty images below, decide whether you think the piece was one of the most popular with the People's Choice participants, one of the least popular, or somewhere in between. Hit submit at the bottom of the quiz to compare your guesses to the actual People's Choice rankings.

To learn more about the People's Choice exhibit, the role of interactive technology in the contemporary museum, and the cultural biases that new media practices can both reveal and reinforce, read the article: "Curating with a Click: The Art That Participatory Media Leaves Behind."


02Profile with Lizard


04Horse with the Lavender Eye

05Night Snow Scene


07Rae Seated

08Angel Awning

09Southern Senator


11Opalescent Morning


13Street Quarter

14Empire Amphora

15Modern Woman

16Coney Island

17Battery Forward


19Two Willows

20Eastern Eagle

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